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Relive the days of 1.09D PvP! This server is a enhanced to keep you playing, added special token system for making it to level 99. These tokens are used in recipes for items. 1.08 Items have been added, and can drop from monsters!


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    Patch Release Notes

    We are running a base patch of 1.09D, off of that we have a foundation of the D2Relived 5.1B patch release which has been updated and released as D2Region.

    -Click Here For 2.1
    -Click Here For 2.0
    -Click Here For
    -Click Here For
    -Click Here For
    -Click Here For
    -Click Here For D2Relived 5.1B

    These sections will be updated regularly, so check back often!

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      Message me in game /w *admin if you need a rush or have any issues, reach me on TeamSpeak or PM me on the forums!

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      D2Region Patch 2.1
      Changes:-Removed fix on teleport (caused a timer to start)
      -Changed trademark screen text/colored
      -Misc text colored in tables
      -Resistance stats colored
      -Completely new channel in-game
      -Updated gameselectscreenEXP/trademarkscreenEXP/bnet and ALL of BigMenu
      -Replaced Ormus with Jamella, moved Jamella over a bit on west map
      -Changed Lysander to Starter Gear, and changed token to Dark Wanderer
      -Wizspike and Shaft should work fine now in the Unique Token recipes
      -Fixed Upgrade/downgrade recipes for Circlets
      -Light Wizzy namechange to Lightning Spike and presest 35% FCR
      -Fixed XP shrines
      -Fixed map in act 5 for WP + the tent
      -Fixed missing spots at bar in act 2
      -Fixed ALL 08/09 ONLY Unique Repair prices (excpetion: colored items)
      -Disabled Angel's Caress/Giantmaimer/Thunderstroke/08 Shako/08 Valor/Rising Sun Ammy/Blackoak Luna/Odium
      -Deathcleaver can spawn 230% to 280% ED instead of 270 preset
      Recipe Additions:
      -Class Skill Amulet +2 Skill + 20 % FCR = Same recipe as the other Godly Rare Amulets but Shael Rune instead of sol
      Recipe Changes:
      -Changed magic glove + tp + gem = hitpower w/o knockback
      -Eth Uniques cost a PT each
      Dc6 Edits:
      -Updated Skull Graphics (all)
      -Fixed Charm Tokens
      Shop Colors Added:
      -Kracken armor = x22
      -Winged Helm = x24
      -Tower shield = x25
      -ROund shield = x26

      Message me in game /w *admin if you need a rush or have any issues, reach me on TeamSpeak or PM me on the forums!

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      D2Region Patch 2.0
      -D2LogoBnet.dc6 flamed to blue
      -Text for all the coloring potions: Will lose socket, and stats reroll!
      -Text for Delete Catalyst: Cube with an item to delete it!
      -xx6 = Buriza Armor (Shop), set defense to base 10, changed pallet to 8 from 2 for inventory gfx
      -Reduced file size on D2Logo (fire) and health/mana orbs, back/front/left/right
      -Added variation on scroll colors for info scrolls (helps show there is a change)
      -Delay to Teleport (3 ms), which fixes the Double Cast
      -Changed all Battle.net info to D2Region etc, Must PM Kalans for an account
      -Fixed all upgrade/downgrade recipes
      -Lysander sells Unique/Set/Charm Tokens, Starter Set Tokens, Info Scroll, Arrows/Bolts, and also el runes
      -Drops for Lucky Charm should be fixed
      -Fixed drop for Omni Gems (92+ Monsters can drop)
      -Tokens for item shop credit have been added (Only I can pass them out)
      -Increased level drop for Lucky Charm
      -Arena has level text now
      -The text (Uber Quest) has been added to Andurmendiaal's Pit
      -Halls of Vaught renamed Andurmendiaal's Pit
      -Sorcs and Necros start with two TP books, sell one to get an ID book
      New Unique:
      -Light Wizzy
      Recipe Additions:
      -Unique Armor/Weapon + PT + Eth Rune = White Item
      -ZodGem by itself = Zod Rune
      -3 Gem Pack by itself = 2 Gem Pack
      -2 Gem Pack by itself = Chip Gem (Random)
      Recipe Changes:
      -Added a socket to all the colored items for in game (Colored items get a socket)
      -Caster amulet set to 99 so if it rolls a Magus will increase level
      -Charms do no require a PT or a charm, just the token and the rest of the recipe
      -3 Tokens to 1 Ticket disabled
      -All Item Type conversions (White, Rare, Magic, Set, Unique) are 3 piece now (Item + PT + El/Eld/Tir/Nef/Eth Rune)
      -All Unique and Set recipes cost a Unique/Set Token instead of a PT
      -Charms Token replaces the need for a PT and a charm for charm recipes (non rolling ones)
      Map Changes/Additions:
      -Back door + Side doors for Act1 starting house
      -Added Extra Stashes for when it gets crowded, no you can't open more than one at a time
      -Added a bridge to the North/South/West map for the Arena
      -Fog added to Graveyard sites in town
      -Place fog in gravey
      -Added edited East transition (fixes the bridge posts)
      -Added Lysander outside Starter House in Act1
      Dc6 Images:
      -invsmgb = Blue Message Scroll
      -invsmgd = Dark Blue Message Scroll
      -invsmgg = Green Message Scroll
      -invsmgr = Red Message Scroll
      -invsmgy = Yellow Message Scroll
      -invshopd = Dollar Shop Credit
      -invshopc = Cents Shop Credit
      -invutoken = Unique Token
      -invstoken = Set Token
      -invtsc = Small Charm Token
      -invtlc = Large Charm Token
      -invtgc = Grand Charm Token
      -invtoa = Respec Token (Given out by Kalan, Can't use in game)
      -invshopd = Shop Dollar Credit (Same as above)
      -invshopc = Shop Cent Credit (Same as above)
      Dc6 Image Edits:
      -New main screen
      -Updated Patch version on trademarkscreenEXP/800ctrlpnl7/ctrlpnl7
      -Removed Image By text on Character and TCPIP
      -Fixed Ladder Page being off position
      -Barb: Double Swing, Whirlwind, Inceased Stamina, Ironskin, Grimward
      -Zon: Fend, Slow Missles
      -Pally: Sacrafice
      -Sin: Shadow Warrior, Burst Of Speed, Shock Web, Phoenix Strike, Cobra Strike
      -Necro: Bone Wall, Bone Prison
      Shop Item Colorings:
      -Wizspike (ww1)
      -Shaftstop (x18)
      -SBug1 = Tenkas (x19)
      -SBug2 = Tyraels (x20)
      -SBug3 = KoKanes (xx4)
      -SBug6 = Alisons (x21)
      -Archon Plate (x11)
      -Dusk Shroud (x12)
      -Great Hauberk (x13)
      -Wyrmhide (x14)
      -Scarab Husk (x15)
      -Wire Fleece (x16)
      -Loricated Mail (x17)
      -Mesh Armor (x18)
      -Kraken Shell (x22)
      -Monarch Shield (xx3)
      -Aegis (xx4)
      -Field Plate (xx6)
      -Grim Helm (xx1)
      -Slayer Guard (xx2)
      -Shako (xx5)
      -Spired Helm (xx7)
      -Heirophant Trophy (xx8)
      -Pavise Shield (xx9)
      -Serpentskin Armor (x10)
      -Great Helm (x23)
      Monster Change:
      -Cows give 46k xp instead of 45k
      Skill Changes:
      -Amazon Poison Jav: Level 10 Req
      -Assassin Psychic Hammer: Level 10 Req
      --Blade Sentinel: Level 10 Req
      --Shock Web: Level 10 Req
      -Necromancer Poison Dagger: Level 10 Req, also added text Unblockable
      -Paladin Thorns: Level 10 Req
      --Holy Fire: Level 10 Req
      --Prayer: Level 10 Req
      -Druid Firestorm: Level 28 Req (Moved 5th spot, shifted others up 1)
      --Raven: Level 10 Req (Moved below Spirit Wolf)
      -Barbarin War Cry: Increased damage by 25%, lowered mana requirement
      -Barbarian: War Cry uses less mana, 1 per level based

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      D2Region Patch
      -Mana pots are set to auto-belt (picking them up from ground)
      -Arrows can be purchased at Ohrmus in Act1 and Act3
      -Arrows cost 1 Gold
      -Redone all act1 town maps
      -Customized Ohrmus spot on bridge
      -Tals set bonus: replaced life replenish with mana regen (15%)
      -Fixed 09 recipe for Super Khalim Flail: Khalim Flail + Khalim Heart + Khalim Eye + Khalim Brain
      -Fixed misc recipes, will not create a 08 Bstar when using wrong ingredients in recipes
      -Nosockets On Item Re-Rolls (magic and rare)
      -Suffix Magus includes Amulets now (20% Fcr)
      -All Quest Icons Redone
      -In game channel changed to new banner and version patch
      -Main menu redone and added Must Pm *Kalans On The Forums For An Account!
      -Partyboxes.dc6 added and edited
      -Added Patch and Version on Panel in game for both res modes
      -Added a new Loading Animation
      -Starters pole has -80% Requirements
      -Starters Boots have 10 str requirement
      -Changed Protectors Rolls and Jewelers to only allow Torso/Shield/Helm,
      and only Elites (due to not being able to roll the prefixes)
      -Changed all blood recipes for the original blood amulets (now all are per life leach and + skills)
      -Fixed Jackass string entry
      -New Unique Charm: Lucky Charm (GF 40-70/MF 20-45/Light Radius 2-6/Item Find Skill 1-3) any 92+ Monsters
      -New Unique Jewels for Legit Recipe Jewels, can be dropped by any 92+ Monsters
      -Added Tent access in town act 1 to Tristam
      -Preset level for Gharbad
      -Made Akara/Gheed/Charsi stationary in act1 towns
      -Removed inactive paths for misc chars
      -Fixed Act4 town side skirts, aka not teleport on edges
      -Same fix as act4 but for the Monastary in act1
      -Starter Bow has been upgraded, more damage!
      -Changed strings for VIP items and Organs
      -Sell price capped to 5k/10k/15k normal/nightmare/hell
      -Again edited main menu screen, also have two others
      -Griswold Weapon and Shield spawn with max sockets, which is 4 and 3 respectively
      -Shaftstop spawn with 2 sockets, which allows for new members to have a reasonable protectors like armor
      -Spartan set shield spawns with 2 sockets
      -New Gem Type Omni
      -Starter weapons (melee + range) has attack rating
      -Info scrolls for starter characters created
      Broken Promise = Lo + Zod + Ber + Shael + Mal
      -Increased Attack Speed: 20%
      -Damage ED%: 175-210
      -Crushing Blow: 20%
      -Deadly Strike: 20%
      -Attack Rating: 5-9%
      -Life Leach: 2%
      -Cannot Be Frozen
      -Prevent Monster Heal
      -Shape Shifting: 1-3
      -Smite: 2-4
      -Maul: 1-3
      -Flying Scimitar (H): Life (839-1164) to (10k-15k), Defense (457) to (4.5k), Damage (22-64) to (1.2k-1.8k)
      -Summoner (H): Life (1253-1658) to (12k-17k), Defense (897) to (5.8k), Damage (56-109) to (7k-9k)
      -Ancients (H): Life (2171-2369) to (17k-20k), Defense (528) to (7k), Damage (7-11) to (4k-7k)
      -Baal (H): Life (65785) to (120k), Defense (528) to (20k), Damage (57-85) and (85-137) to (3k-5k) and (4k-6k)
      PVM Content:
      -Any monster 84+ can drop Recipe Jewels (variable stats on most)
      -Any monster 92+ can drop color potions
      -(More in VIP)
      Skill Edits:
      -Sorceress: Telekinesis picks up items now
      -Paladin: Charge velocity increased from 150 to 200
      -Necromancer: Corpse explosion increased from 60-100 to 100-140
      -Necromancer: Mana requirement is 1 per cast on Corpse Explosion and 2 per level after 40
      -Necromancer: Poison Dagger is now uninterpretable
      -Druid: Twister stunned duration to 18
      -Druid: Firestorm hitshift increased to 4 from 2
      -Druid: Armageddon and Hurricane, base duration 250 to 350 and duration per level 0 to 4
      -Druid: Ravens decreased 16 to 8
      -Druid: Max Wolfs 8 to 5 and dire 8 to 3
      -Druid: Hurricane damage increased (50 to 90, 7 to 15, 10 to 20, 12 to 25)
      Dc6 Image Edits:
      -All New Hireing Icons
      -Brand New Revied Icon
      -Cut off Diablo Fire Logo on Menu and Trademark
      -Added new Trademark Screen, TCPIP, and Menu
      -Coloring Vials: invd|green/purple/red/white/blue/black
      -2gem pack and 3gem pack added along with their flips
      -All Items Have a Flp File
      -Delete catalyst added
      -Zodgem added
      -All new potions (comes from D3)
      -New stat and skill icons (comes from D3)
      -Control panel added
      -New grids for char/stash/cube/belt/stores
      Recipe Changes:
      -Fused Staff of kings pike takes 6 pts instead of 2
      -Fused Crainte takes 2 pts instead of 4
      -Fused Cliff Killer Amulet takes 3 pts instead of 4
      -Bugged Strength Gloves take 2 pts instead of 3
      -ALL Iths are 4 pts instead of 2
      -1 Perfect Gem + Any Magic Item = Rerolled Magic Item
      -2 Perfect Gems + Any Rare Item = Rerolled Rare Item
      -All Classes Blood Amulets: Magic Amulet + Any Two Gems + Class Item (ID/TP/KEY/HPPOT/STAMINA/ANTIDOTE/THAWING)
      -Bugged Cruel MF Bow cost 5 PTs instead of 3
      -Fused Gavel Of Pain Boots take 2 PTs instead of 3
      -Constricting Rings cost 4 PTs instead of 1
      Recipe Additions:
      -All base Normals + 10 gems -> Exceptional Item
      -All base Exceptional + PT -> Elite (exception of a few)
      -Added a Delete Catalyst (Item + Delete Catalyst = Delete Catalyst)
      -2 Tickets = Delete Catalyst
      -Starters Wand (Token or ID Scroll + Key + TP Scroll)
      -Starters Shield (Token or ID Scroll + Mana Potion)
      -Items that cost 2 or 3 gems can substitute for 2 and 3 gem packs
      -Items that cost 1 Zod and 1 Gem can substitute for ZodGem
      -Items that cost 3 Prize Tokens can be made with a Ticket in place of 3 PTs and same for 6 Tokens (2 Tickets)
      -Any 2 Gems -> 2 Gem Pack
      -Any 3 Gems -> 3 Gem Pack
      -Zod Rune + Any Gem -> ZodGem
      -Downgrade from elite to exceptional for 30 gems
      -Tyrael's Might Ring + 1x Mana Potion = Red Coloring Potion 
      -Tyrael's Might Ring + 2x Mana Potion = Blue Coloring Potion 
      -Tyrael's Might Ring + 3x Mana Potion = White Coloring Potion 
      -Tyrael's Might Ring + 4x Mana Potion = Black Coloring Potion 
      -Tyrael's Might Ring + 5x Mana Potion = Green Coloring Potion 
      -Tyrael's Might Ring + 6x Mana Potion = Purple Coloring Potion                         
      -08 In Game Colorings: Coloring Potion + Unique Item (Gaze/Arreats/Stormshield)
      -09 In Game Colorings: Coloring Potion + Unique Item (Gaze/Arreats/Stormshield) + ID Scroll
      -Socketing:  Non Socketed White Item (Plain/Ethereal/Superior) + 1 Prize Token
       + X Mana  Potions = X Socket (can only put as much as the item would be able to)
      -ReStack Eth Magic Javs: Ethereal Magic Javelin + 3 Tickets + 1 Key = Quantity set to 30
      New item codes:
      -xx1 = Grim Helm
      -xx2 = Slayer Guard
      -xx3 = Monarch Shield
      -xx4 = Aegis
      -xx5 = Shako
      -xx6 = Field Plate
      -xx7 = Spired Helm
      -xx8 = Heirophant Trophy
      -xx9 = Pavise
      -x10 = Serpentskin Armor
      -xxr = Red Vile
      -xxl = Blue Vile
      -xxw = White Vile
      -xxb = Black Vile
      -xxg = Green Vile
      -xxp = Purple Vile
      -del = Delete Catalyst
      -ss0 = Starters Wand
      -sw1 = Starters Shield
      -2gm = 2 Gem Pack
      -3gm = 3 Gem Pack
      -zgm = Zod Gem
      -xjw = Unique Jewel
      -xc1 = Unique Small Charm
      -xc2 = Unique Large Charm
      -xc3 = Unique Grand Charm
      -gr1 to gr5 = Omni Gems
      -m01 to m22 = Info Scrolls
      -lcm = Lucky Charm
      -xsb = Short Bow (Starters Bow)
      New Graphics:
      -invhp1 to invhp5
      -invmp1 to invmp5
      -Fixed jave recipe to not be socketed (shows the Qty)
      -Fixed string colors for: Storm Hide / Storm Circlet / Armageddon Slippers
      -Recipes for: Storm Track / Beast Mark / Bugged War Travs
      -Fixed pallet issue on Partial Bugged Token
      In-Game Coloring:
      **Note: You get what you get, they  do not all appear as bright as one would hope.
       As this was given for  free, but to see more vibrant colors you can donate.
       Also you will lose  the socketed item!!**
      -08/09 Gaze: Red, Black, Blue, Purple, White
      -08/09 Arreats: Red, Black, Blue, Purple, Green
      -08/09 SS: Red, Black, Blue, Green
      Shop Colors:
      All Shop Items Can Color:  Grey/Light-Black/Black/Dark-Blue/Blue/Red/Dark-Red
      -08/09 Gaze
      -08/09 Arreat
      -08/09 SS
      -09 Shako
      -Buriza Armor
      -Butchers Pupil
      -Skill Gloves
      -Veil of Steel
      -Homunculus test
      -Gerks test
      -Dusk (Base)
      -Archon (Base)
      -Great Hauberk (Base)     
      -Wyrmhide (Base)
      -Scarab Husk (Base)
      -Wire Fleece (Base)
      -Loricated Mail (Base)
      Dll Edits:
      -D2Gfx.dll allows for Not Minimizing (separate download)
      -D2Game.dll fixed res bug (You don't lose your resistance quests when you die now)
      -Telekinesis picks up all items
      -Raise Gamble Chance (90% Magic 9% Rare 0.75% Set 0.25% Unique)
      Hellforge Drops:
      -Hydra Bow
      -Grim Helm
      -Balrog Skin
      -Spired helm
      -Slayer Guard
      -Balrog Blade
      -Ward Bow
      -Swirling Crystal
      -Matriarchal Bow
      -Grand Matron Bow
      -Gul Rune
      -Um Rune
      -Eth Rune
      -Lum Rune
      -Fal Rune
      -Ist Rune
      Map Changes:
      -Fallcmpbish by ShamanKing
      -Gravey by Volf
      -Gravesite in town
      -Sewers level 2
      -Treasures near true tomb by tal rasha
      -New Town Acts 1, 3, 5
      -Arreat Summit
      -Warp to Trist from act1 town
      -Graveyard randomized 1 2 and 3
      -Tristram randomized to 1 and 2
      -New entrance to Maggot Lair
      -Wider Maggot tunnels
      -Expanded catacombs level 4
      -Cathedral expanded and more monsters
      -Recolored Act 1 tiles
      -Monastery side room added where they should have always been one
      -Updated fog packs
      -Took out hidden chest on 4rock
      -New tile set for Sewers act 3
      -Bridge aka entrance to diablo is changed
      -Crystals added to the Mesa levels around act 4
      -Baal lair increased
      -The temple entrance was changed, added Nithalk and spin traps
      -Nith spot shrunk, added Andurmediaal
      -Recolored worldstone levels
      Thanks To:
      -Recolored Tiles for Act1 by SheX
      -Volf for quest icons and base HealthOrbs (mana etc)
      -Talonrage for new skill icons and many maps
      -RicFaith & SubSanity for the loading Animation
      -TK_Incorperate for new Necro Animation (Character Screen)
      -The Black Parade Mod for Level Push Buttons
      -Taarna And Red Havoc for the crystal dt1s
      -Cubaholic for the Basic Docktown (Act3) Map/Arreat Summit
      -ShamanKing for the base Haggorath Map
      -Anson for the River Of Flame WP edit
      -Paul Siramy for the Map Editor (Win_DS1_Edit)
      -Joel and Red Havoc for Fog Pack
      -Anson for 1 Grave Yard
      -Diabolic Cartography for the hosting of Map Plugins and dt1s

      Message me in game /w *admin if you need a rush or have any issues, reach me on TeamSpeak or PM me on the forums!

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      Halls Of Pain
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      D2Region Patch
      Added Items:
      -Bugged Tals Armor
      -Bugged Skulders
      -Starters Javelin
      -08 Tgods
      -08 Gloomstrap
      -08 Magefist
      -08 Infernostride
      -08 Bk Ring
      -08 Raven Frost
      -Fused Atmas Boots
      -Fused Razortail/Nosferatu's coil "Siggards Stealth"
      -Fixed life drain on constricting ring (from -30 to -10)
      -Lowered starter set gear to level 25
      -Lowered starter weapons to no level requirement
      -Starter weapons do 40 ias/fcr instead of 20 ias/fcr
      -Starters bow does knockback
      -Starters claw added 2 skills
      -Starters weapons all increased max damage on level (except staff)
      Recipe Changes/Addons:
      -Ruby jewel = jewel + 2 gems
      -Reroll jewel = jewel + 1 gem
      -Fine small charm (ar and max) = sc + el + Perfect Amethyst
      -Reroll charm (any) charm + gem
      -Jewelers helm = magic helm (elite) + 2 gems
      -Jewelers armor = magic armor (elite) + 2 gems
      -Jewelers shield = magic shield (elite) + 2 gems
      -Inpenetrable on rares (reduce damage 10-15%)
      -Protectors helm = magic helm (elite) + 3 gems
      -Protectors armor = magic armor (elite) + 3 gems
      -Protectors shield = magic shield (elite) + 3 gems
      -Cruel Eth Javs with Increased Stack = eth mag jav + gem + zod rune
      -Cruel Eth Wep with 2 Socks = eth mag weapon + gem + zod rune
      -All recipes from 1.09 work
      -Reroll any rare 1-2 sockets = rare + 2 pgems
      -Reroll any magic 1-2 sockets = magic + 3 pgems
      -Godly rare ammys = ammy + pt + sol rune + yps/tsc/wms/key/isc/hpot/vps
      -Add recipes for godly circlets (str and res) = circlet + pt + sol rune
      -Fixed tile on EAST town a1 for trapdoor to cave
      -Fixed alter for claw viper for questing
      -Mana pots are 1 gold
      -Baals layer increased
      -Orhus added to A1 East, South, West
      -30max jewel = El + Sol + Jewel + Pt
      -Cows xp increased from 40k to 45k
      -Griswold gets you level to about 26 in normal
      -Heras: 15% r/w total bonus reduced from 30%
      -Reduce assassins set claw: +min to 0 and +max to 100
      -Mercs have now can equip: gloves, belt, boots, 1 ring, and an amulet now
      -Andurmediaal drops 3 bts now
      -Added text "arrows for scrolling" at char screen
      -Took "age" box off the edit profile and view profile
      -Colored radio button (circle for selection difficulty)
      -Colored check box for in game and main menu (create game screen)
      -Colored level buttons (Red Plus Signs)
      -Updated the patch note and color in bnet
      -Extended valley of snakes to 64x64 from 32x32
      -Andurmediaal has 100k instead of 90k life and has 12k instead of 10k defense
      Base item upgrades:
      -Lance Spear + PT -> War Pike
      -Yari Spear + PT -> Ghost Spear
      -Naga Axe + PT -> Beserker Axe
      -Ancients Axe + PT -> Glorious Axe
      -Tabar Axe + PT -> Decapitator
      -Short Siege Bow + PT -> Diamond Bow
      -Long Siege Bow + PT -> Crusader Bow
      -Rune Bow + 20x gems -> Ward Bow
      -Gothic Bow + 20x gems (any) -> Hydra Bow
      -War Javelin + PT -> Hyperion Javelin
      -****ulum Javelin  + PT -> Ghost Glaive Javelin 
      -Harpoon Javelin  + PT -> Winged Harpoon Javelin 
      -Knout Mace + PT -> Scourge Mace
      -Battle Hammer Mace + PT -> Legendary Mallet Mace
      -Martel De Fer Mace + PT -> Thunder Maul Mace
      -Bill Polearm + PT -> Colossus Voulge Polearm
      -Battle Scythe Polarm + PT -> Thresher Polearm
      -Partizan Polearm + PT -> Cryptic Axe Polearm
      -Bec-De-Corbin Polearm + PT -> Great Poleaxe Polearm
      -Grim Scythe Polearm + PT -> Giant Thresher Polearm
      -Rune Scepter + PT -> Mighty Scepter
      -Holy Water Sprinkler Scepter + PT -> Seraph Rod
      -Divine Scepter + PT -> Caduceus Scepter
      -Dimensional Blade Sword + PT -> Phase Blade Sword
      -Battle Sword + PT -> Conquest Sword
      -Rune Sword +PT -> Cryptic Sword
      -Ancient Sword + PT -> Mythical Sword
      -Espadon Sword + PT -> Legend Sword
      -Tusk Sword + PT -> Balrog Blade Sword
      -Gothic Sword + PT -> Champion Sword
      -Zweihander Sword + PT -> Colossal Sword
      -Executioner Sword + PT -> Colossus Blade Sword
      -Ashwood Bow + PT -> Matriarchal Bow
      -Ceremonial Bow + PT -> Grand Matron Bow
      -Ceremonial Javelin + PT -> Matriarchal Javelin
      -Jared's Stone + 20x gems (any) -> Swirling Crystal
      -War Hat Helm + PT -> Shako Helm
      -Winged Helm + 20x gems (any) -> Spired Helm
      -Death Mask Helm + PT -> Demonhead Helm
      -Grim Helm + PT -> Bone Visage Helm
      -Russet Armor + 20x gems (any) -> Balrog Skin Armor
      -Ornate Armor + PT -> Sacred Armor
      -Mage Plate Armor + PT -> Archon Plate Armor
      -Dragon Shield + PT -> Monarch Shield
      -Pavise Shield + PT -> Aegis Shield
      -Ancient Shield + PT -> Ward Shield
      Dupe Imitations:
      -Blood Gorget
      -Corruption Heart
      -Storm Scarab
      -Beast Mark
      -Shadow Coil
      -Doom Finger
      -Havoc Spiral
      -Skull Hold
      -Havoc Gyre
      -Beast Knuckle
      -Plague Grip
      -Fiend Grip
      -Loath Grasp
      -Bitter Brogues
      -Rune Slippers
      -Soul Shank
      -Viper Trample
      -Cruel Brogues
      -Death Spur
      -Ghoul Track
      -Storm Track
      -Cruel Visage
      -Storm Circlet
      -Storm Hood
      -Wraith Shell
      Vipre Bludgeon
      -Rune Lash
      RuneWords Added:
      -Rift (only polearms)
      Skill Edits:
      -Multishot back to 3/4s damage from 100%
       -Hydra back down to 5 from 8 (increased casting duration)
      -Charge velocity to 150 from 250
       -Changed rabies back down
      -Multishot changed back to normal (+1 arrow not +5)
      Forum Edits:

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      D2Region Patch
      -Misc Druid edits
      -Added mana potions to all acts, one vendor each
      -Rejuvs work, not allowed to be used in pvp
      -Starter set attribute peirce while wearing 4 items (33% chance)
      -New trap added, go check it out in act 3 durance
      -Added unique bolts for Lain Packet and Slaughters Boltkit
      -Holy shield duration per level increased
      -Fanatasim aura range increased
      -Partial bugged tokens added, Mephfesto drops them
      -All new characters have tokens that you cube for full starter set and starters weapon
      -Added BO/BCommand/Shout in town for pre-casting
      -Able to downgrade runes all the way down with a TP scroll
      -Misc map edits
      -Moved the "Noob" pen by spawn, and moved entrance to cave by Charsi
      -Seals spaced out more at chaos, and wp moved upwards
      -Wp entry for Durance level 3 moved off the bridge
      -Traps added in certain areas
      -Griswold in normal: his life was lowered from 79 to 60, defense from 25  to 15, shield
       from 6 to 2 great spot to  level a starting character!
      *Note:  When done with a character <10 they will be around level 40, less  experience
       as you do later in the game (Not exploitable)
      -Super cows is now able to drop the new unique items, and their xp has be slightly increased from 200k to 205k
      New Recipes added:
      -Magic Ethreal Java + 1 Gem + Zod = Cruel Eth Javs with Increased Stack
      -Reroll any jewel: Jewel + Gem
      -Cubing Perfect gems cycles them through all 6, so you are able to pic which one you need
      -Medium level runes can be upgraded (Um-Ohm): 2 Of The Same Rune + a gem (any)
      -Recipe added for partial bugged tokens: 3 pbts = 1 bugged token
      -Ballista CrossBow + 1 pt + 1 bt = Bugged Buriza CrossBow
      -The recipes for the starter gear are still in place, but added recipes for the weapons
      --ID Scroll + Key + Stamina Potion = Starters Bow
      --ID Scroll + Key + Anidote Potion = Starters Pole
      --ID Scroll + Key + Thawing Potion = Starters Staff
      --ID Scroll + Key + Health Potion = Starters Claw
      -Recipes added for upgrading runes up to Pul, which uses the same recipe: Rune + ID scroll = Next Higher Rune
      -3 health 3 mana potions + 1 gem = rejuv
      -3 Partial Bugged Tokens = 1 Bugged Token

      Message me in game /w *admin if you need a rush or have any issues, reach me on TeamSpeak or PM me on the forums!

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      D2Region Patch
      -Max tomes size 100.
      -Max arrow size 500.
      -Max bolt size 500.
      -Keys stack To 100.
      -All players begin with a Horadric Cube
      -Rain disabled to allow for smoother gameplay, which maphack does as well.
      -Stronger starter characters (better items).
      -Teleport in town and misc precasts.
      -Experience shrines duration increased and regenerates every 1 minutes.
      -Gem shrine regenerates every 5 minutes.
      -MF set changed to Starter Set.
      -Cube and TP/ID tomes now only take up one space
      -Added new key graphic
      -Changed Starter Set helm shako -> war hat (fixes bugged spawning)
      -Changed Gharbads 4pts->3pts
      -Took out arena trap doors in town
      -Added Damage Reduced (15-30)% on rares and magic items
      -Change ik maul to cb sword
      -All normal sets start with sockets (were available)
      -All LOD sets changed to mimic 1.13, in order to encourage the use of sets
      -Increased drop rate of body parts
      -Added side room for monastary
      -Added Damage Reduced (15-30)% on rares and magic items
      -Removed sets for Tenkas, Kokanes, and Tyraels
      -Fixed town bug, ie missing tile on West
      -Changed maggot levels to be wider by Sir Xavius
      -Changed 4 aditional areas
      -No loss of exp in any difficulty
      -10% increase on damage dealt by Unique and Champions in Hell and Nightmare
      -Fixed act1 town issues, removed invisible objects
      -Changed tower entrance so you can't see the ladder
      -Made Forced English plugin work
      -Changed menu screen, Character select screen, TCPIP screen, and Credits screen
      -Added D2Region added to char info screen
      -Changed in chat background from green background to cave colors ;)
      -Reduced hydra cast delay 50%, which allows 8 hydras on screen rather than 5
      -Amazon: Lightning fury starts with 7 bolts instead of 2
      -Amazon: Multishot starts out with 6 arrows instead of 2
      -Amazon: Multishot does 100% damage instead of 3/4
      -Barbarian: Item find max chance increased from 60 to 75
      -Barbarian: War cry damage increased by 3x
      -Barbarian: Grim Ward radius start increased from 3 to 10 yards, and monsters run up to 20 yards instead of 10
      -Sorceress: Charged Bolt starts with 8 instead of 2
      -Sorceress: Static Field radius increased from 5 to 8
      -Necromancer: Teeth starts with 8 instead of 2
      -Paladin: Charge velocity increased from 150% to 250%
      -Druid: Max ravens increased from 5 to 26
      -Druid: Raven damage increased from 2x-4x to 100-250
      -Druid: Plague skill starts with 6 instead of 3
      -Druid: Max Spirit wolfs increased from 5 to 8
      -Druid: First skill eruption delay reduced from 6 to 3
      -Druid: Grizzly starts with 30% damage instead of 25%
      -Druid: Hunger damage penalty decreased from 75% to 50%
      -Druid: Rabies damage increased by 5x
      -Druid: Firestorm damage increased by 2x and "missiles" from 3 to 12 and with a delay of 35 instead of 15
      -Druid: Cyclone Armor damage absorbed doubled, from 40 to 80 base and from 12 to 24 per level
      -Druid: Twister casts 5 twisters instead of 3 and damage tripled
      -Druid: Tornado damage doubled
      -Druid: Artic blast damage per second doubled
      -Assassin: Blade fury delay reduced from 3 frames to 1
      -Assassin: Shock field throws 10 "missiles" instead of 6 base, and damage tripled
      -Assassin: Blade sentinel damage tripled and duration per level doubled
      -Baal: Inferno bolts increased to 3 from 1
      -Deleted other language files other than ENG, since they were not being updated
      -Fire-Normal Inner Sight + Fire Arrow + Exploding Arrow + Guided Arrow + Slow Missiles
      -Ice-Normal Inner Sight + Cold Arrow + Freezing Arrow + Guided Arrow + Slow Missiles
      -Fire-Nightmare Inner Sight + Fire Arrow + Exploding Arrow + Slow Missiles
      -Ice-Nightmare Inner Sight + Cold Arrow + Freezing Arrow + Slow Missiles
      -Fire-Hell Inner Sight + Fire Arrow + Exploding Arrow + Slow Missiles
      -Ice-Hell Inner Sight + Cold Arrow + Freezing Arrow + Slow Missiles
      -Combat-Normal Jab + Prayer Aura
      -Defensive-Normal Jab + Defiance Aura
      -Offensive-Normal Jab + Might Aura
      -Combat-Nightmare Jab + Conviction Aura
      -Defensive-Nightmare Jab + Salvation Aura
      -Offensive-Nightmare Jab + Fanaticism Aura
      -Combat-Hell Jab + Thorns Aura
      -Defensive-Hell Jab + Holy Freeze Aura
      -Offensive-Hell Jab + Concentration Aura
      -Fire-Normal Meteor + Fire Ball + Hydra + Fire Mastery
      -Cold-Normal Ice Blast + Frost Nova + Blizzard + Cold Mastery
      -Ltng-Normal Charged Bolt + Lightning + Nova + Lightning Mastery
      -Fire-Nightmare Inferno + Fire Ball + Fire Wall + Amplify Damage
      -Cold-Nightmare Glacial Spike + + Hurricane + Frozen Orb + Decrepify
      -Ltng-Nightmare Charged Bolt + Lightning + Thunder Storm + Lower Resist
      -Fire-Hell Bone Armor + Inferno + Fire Wall + Fire Ball
      -Cold-Hell Cyclone Armor + Arctic Blast + Hurricane + Glacial Spike
      -Ltng-Hell Blade Shield + Lightning + Bone Wall + Charged Bolt
      -Normal Bash + Shout
      -Nightmare Bash + Shout
      -Hell Bash + Shout

      Message me in game /w *admin if you need a rush or have any issues, reach me on TeamSpeak or PM me on the forums!

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      D2Relived Patch 5.1B
      These are changes since the original 1.09D patch
      -Craftable Magic Find Set has been added so that all players may have something to start with.
      -Waypoints have been added in every act to every major boss in each act.
      -Stash and Horadric Cube size has been increased.
      -A new PvP arena has been added with trapdoors in the Rogue Encampment leading to it.
      -Trapdoor has been added in Rogue Encampment which leads to the Secret Cow Level.
      -Cows have had their XP and Drop rate increased.
      -"Noob Pen" added to the Secret Cow Level (safe place for low levels to stand and gain XP)
      -Comprehensive level reward system is in place with rewards being given to players for
       reaching level 99, after completing a series of steps.
      -Super-elite Boss has been added in Act 5 which drops items used in the creation of Bugged items.
      -Worldstone Keep has been filled with minions of destruction as well as new bosses as an alternative
      to the cow level for grinding experience and items.
      -New unique items previously not in Diablo 2 have been added to the game to encourage PvP.
      -Crafting recipes have been made easier to encourage PvP.
      -1.08 items may drop from monsters of certain levels.
      -Minor changes to NPC inventories, replenishing arrows and mana potions are now sold.

      Message me in game /w *admin if you need a rush or have any issues, reach me on TeamSpeak or PM me on the forums!

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