Super Cows

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After a month of private beta we finally launched public on Friday the 2nd of September, and a week later we updated to make it easier for new characters to start on their own (Starter Set and Weapon). This is a PvP Mod, but certainly has many 1.09 PvM elements to it. Currently there is just one Uber Boss "Andurmediaal", and many more to come in later patches.

Key Features:
-GM duels, zero-tolerance for BM
-D2Loader and MapHack provided which allows for multiple client logons
-Custom D2Region Diablo 2 Tabber (allows you to play multiple windows in one client)
-All new characters have tokens that you cube for full starter set and starters weapon
-Customized WayPoints to speed up rushing [Pic]|[Pic]|[Pic]|[Pic]|[Pic]
-Increased Experience by 2x Regular 1.09D standards, and during Super Cow events 7x the experience
-Heavily modded cow level containing more than 2k cows [Pic]
-No need to make a portal, there are trap doors that lead into the cow level in town [Pic]
-Starter/Noob pen, where people being power leveled can stand without danger, but cannot steal items or move out of the pen except to go back to town [Pic]|[Pic]
-Custom sets including starter gear [Link]
-Custom Unique Items inspired towards PvP [Link]
-Custom cube recipes using a token system from level rewards and enhanced bosses. (Ie: 6os Windforce, Cliffhanger amulet, Occy rings, Iths & many more) [Link]
-Increased tome sizes, each capable of holding 100 each, as well as taking up only one inventory space [Pic]
-Increased arrow stacks to 500, as well as unique and magical arrow drops with assorted bonuses [Pic]|[Pic]|[Pic]
-Increased Key stack size to 100
-Start with the cube, it only takes up one inventory space and it is as large as it can be when you open it [Pic]
-Teleport in town as well as all Pre-Casting buffs
-Stash and cube increased [Pic]|[Pic]
-Can create 20 characters per account, which never get deleted due to inactivity
-New in-Game color vials, which allow you to change the color of predetermined items such as Vampire Gaze and Arreat's Face. (More to be added later)[Pic]

Other Features:
-Jerhyn moved next to Meshif [Pic]
-Start out near the Town Portal area in Act II
-Start out next to the waypoint in Act III [Pic]
-All quest items have be reduced to take only one space [Pic]
-No rain (causes lag for some), we will be launching a client side patch for visual edits to allow for smoother gameplay
-Experience shrines regenerate faster and have an increased duration
-Gem shrines recharge every 5 minutes
-Damage reduced can be found/rolled on magic and rare items (15%-30%)
-The IK maul is a CB, so it can be dual wielded by barbs
-All classic sets have sockets added
-All LOD sets improved to mimic 1.13 set attributes
-Cruel weapons infinitely re-rollable
-Added Andurmendiaal which drops bugged tokens that are used in bugged items [Pic]|[Pic]
-Partial bugged tokens added, Mephfesto drops them
-Able to downgrade runes all the way down with a TP scroll

Connection Info: There are many ways of connecting, this short guide will cover what is needed to play on our realm.

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