Super Cows

Super Cows

Super cows give 5x the experience points!

Scows is not ran all the time, if it was then we would all have too many tokens and items (inflation of economy). Scows are announced a day or two prior to the event, but if you become VIP you will know ahead of time by 1 week!

Everyone is wondering what Super Cows are, in short they are:
-5x the normal experience found in Hell Cows (Ncows)
-They are no harder than Ncows
-Same amount of cows as Ncows
-The new unique items can drop during Scows (other bosses can drop them normally)
-This event only lasts for 24-48 hours, you will find out how long once posted

Basically during Scows, you can take a level 1 character and in 9 games make it turn 99 instead of the 45-55 games Ncows takes (Bnet takes a whole lot longer than 150+ runs ).

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