Starter PvM Set

Starter Set

Start with a complete starter set!

The D2Region Starter Set spawns on each new character created. This set enables the player to cow and level with ease until they are able to create better gear. The starter set is universal for all classes, except the weapon. The individual starter set items can be cubed at any time. Recipes below:

Starter Items:

Starter Set Set Items:

-Identify Scroll + Key = Starter Set Helm
-Identify Scroll + Health Potion = Starter Set Armor
-Identify Scroll + Antidote Potion = Starter Set Gloves
-Identify Scroll + Thawing Potion = Starter Set Belt
-Identify Scroll + Stamina Potion = Starter Set Boots

Starter Weapons:

-Identify Scroll + Key + Stamina Potion = Starters Bow
-Identify Scroll + Key + Anidote Potion = Starters Pole
-Identify Scroll + Key + Thawing Potion = Starters Staff
-Identify Scroll + Key + Health Potion = Starters Claw
-Identify Scroll + Key + Mana Potion = Starters Javelin

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